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Welcome to All In The Past!!


Welcome to All in the Past! This is a Genealogy site about two families – THOMAS and MURRAY – with thousands of ancestors who helped make history all over the world. My name is Michael Thomas, and my wife is Cynthia (Murray) Thomas. We hope you find our site useful.

Our research began slowly in the early 1990’s, then exploded around 2005.  To date, we have identified over 25,000 ancestors from all walks of life – farmers and shopkeepers to police officers and teachers, bankers and soldiers to engineers and undertakers, with everything in between. Along the way, we also found our two families crossed several times in history, so we share common relatives.

In our database, you will find kings and queens and other royalty from all over Europe and Asia, Catholic saints and religious leaders of all kinds, Knights Templar, famous inventors, politicians and adventurers, as well as those who would be considered “common folk.” We recently found deep roots in Scotland and its Clan structure, with many relatives from many Clans but, also, many direct connections to a few Clans that had unique impacts on the history of Scotland over the centuries.

Ours is a story (or, rather, many stories) of men and women who came together, created families, lived their lives, and left a legacy we are only now discovering. You are welcome to join us as our story unfolds. As time goes on, I will tell you more about the trials and tribulations, the successes and failures, of genealogical research. Many people research the details – the wills, deeds, bibles, photos, tombstones, and the rest – of their ancestors’ lives, I was at a disadvantage when I started (as I will explain as we go along), so I used my background and interest in history, instead, and simply collected links and names to other family members. From time to time, a name would send me off in a new direction, allowing me to place them in some part of the timeline of history. To me, that is the magic of Genealogy. Let me share it with you!