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More Magna Carta Barons, PLUS New German Project

Since my last post, I’ve identified another seven members of royalty who signed the Magna Carta who are our ancestors. There was a second list of “illustrious people” of the time mentioned in the Magna Carta, and we are related to at least ten of those. The newest list is found at:

The importance of these ancestors is that, in many cases but not all, their descendants became European royalty, members of the Puritan Migration to the Colonies from England, were important figures in the American Revolution, or in some other way influenced early American history.

One such family, for example, is the de Clare line of Magna Carta barons.  Two de Clares signed the document, after the family made a name for itself immigrating from France and Belgium. They are the progenitors of the Murray Clan in Scotland, later found in Ireland, and whose descendants eventually settled the Colonies in Pennsylvania. Others migrated to the south, progressively moving from North Carolina to South Carolina to what would become Alabama.

Other lines of MC Barons would run a few more generations before dying out. As with any population, some would thrive, some would merely survive, and some would not “make the cut.” Genealogy is filled with similar examples, making every line you follow a puzzle of sorts, hiding some information and leaving you wondering if you will ever have all the pieces.

The second task this past week was beginning a project for Wikitree with Germans from the Rhineland-Palatinate region of Southern Germany, near France, Luxembourg and Belgium. Also known as Rheinland-Pfalz, the area was occupied by the French after World War II, until it became part of the German Federation in 1949. Much of the land area was once considered part of Prussia and Bavaria. The projects can be found at: and