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New Web Site!!

I will leave the links on this page alone for now, but I am finally satisfied with new software I purchased several weeks ago and will be making a permanent transition to it for all my updates and changes.

The new address, for now, is, for The Next Generation of Genealogical Sitebuilding software. TNG is a very powerful database package, with several pages available for different aspects of Genealogy, including surnames, places, cemeteries, photos, and more, along with a powerful name search feature right from the front page.

I have added information about our Scottish Clans (A-L and M-Z), famous ancestors, a link to our many families with heraldry, various aspects of the migration of our families to America, a link to my profile on Wikitree to use to go elsewhere on that site, and more. Spend a little time moving around All In the Past and see how comprehensive it already is as I work to make it even better.