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I really like the new website (TNG – The Next Generation), but I haven’t spent a tremendous amount of time working on it since I set it up, just updates periodically. I have some work to do on my database, too, but that’s on the back burner right now. I do intend to keep blogging, although not on a consistent schedule, at least right now. Perhaps that will change.

What I hope may be of interest is the planning we’re doing for a trip to Great Britain and Ireland this Spring. We decided to create a website that would be available while we were on the trip, giving us access to attractions, accommodations, general information, maps, etc. The address is: OR can be accessed from and clicking on UK Trip, the first link in the top menu.

The site is live now, but will be under construction up to the time we leave. We are planning on spending just over six weeks in Ireland and Northern Ireland, the Isle of Man, England, and Scotland. Much of the trip will be in a rental car, but I’m sure we will use ferries, trains, buses, and subways to get around, especially in some of the larger cities.

This will probably be a once-in-a-lifetime trip, so we decided to take as much time as we could and make the most of it. We both have strong roots in Scotland, and have ancestors who came from Ireland, although the Irish lines are much more difficult to find out about. How much time we might have for research is unknown at this writing, but I have a few specific locations in mind that could lend some value.