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The [insert your surname] Laws of Genealogy – Part 1

For those of you new to the hobby, or for those old hands who may have forgotten and need to be reminded, provided herein are the “Immutable Laws of Genealogy” that guide your research every day for your [insert your surname] ancestors:

1. When the census was being taken, your [insert your surname] was on a wagon headed West and didn’t get counted.

2. The Courthouse, with the only known records of your [insert your surname] burned down, with all existing records lost.

3. Your immigrant ancestor, [insert your surname], was a stowaway on a ship, with no record of his or her entry into the United States.

4. There were three brothers, all with the last name [insert your surname].

5. Every [insert your surname] had sons, and they were named John, James and William.

Stay tuned…..more to come!