New DNA Results – 23andMe

We just took a 23andMe DNA test a few weeks ago and the results are in. Compared to the Ancestry test I took a few years ago, there are no real surprises, but there are some differences!

According to 23andMe, I am 100% European; in fact, primarily Northwestern European (91.6%). French and German is the highest, at 36.3%, with British and Irish coming in at second with 34.4%. Scandinavian accounts for only 3.4%, but “Broadly Northwestern European” comes in at a whopping 17.5%. In the previous test, English/Irish was the highest (64%), German/Western European was much lower (12%), and Scandinavian was three times higher (12%).

Southern European was 4.0% total, down from 6% in the first test, made up of Italian (1.7%), Iberian (0.8%) and Broadly Southern European at 1.5%. Eastern European came in at 1.9%, compared to 4% the first time, and Broadly European was 2.5%.

I’m not a DNA whiz, but this latest test confirms what I’ve always known: most of my ancestors came from Western Europe, Ireland and the UK. Trace amounts of other European ancestors aren’t so different that I can’t live with the numbers I see, and I can still document ancestors from those areas.

We’re waiting for a couple tests to come back, and one has to be re-done. Not enough spit, I guess. When all the results are in, we’ll do a comparison of each of the areas and see how closely they align.

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