Trip Diary – April/May 2017 – Day 37 – Glasgow City Views

Glasgow is an unusal city in several ways. It is more vibrant and alive than Edinburgh, the capital city of Scotland. Its population is also 3-4 times that of Edinburgh. SkyNews and BBC have their offices and broadcast facilities here, rather than the capital. The universities are larger and more numerous, too. Modern buildings are not nearly as prevalent in Edinburgh. Some of the things that caught our eye were:

One of our final stops on the bus tour was the People’s Palace, opened by Queen Victoria, who also turned on the fountain at the site. She also stands proudly on top of the center column. The highlight of the museum is the exhibition of various aspects of the life of the common man in Glasgow, hence the name of the building.

We are not caught up completely yet, but the last few days have been days of travel more so than photography and site visitation. I am working on pictures after I post this, so it will be soon.


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