Trip Diary – April/May 2017 – Day 39 – Oban to Falkirk

Back towards population centers again….. the main goal being the area around Stirling and Falkirk, directly between Glasgow and Edinburgh, but further north.

Stirling, and its bridge, figure dramatically in the history of Scotland. William Wallace (Braveheart) and Robert the Bruce fought here, and chased the English out of Scotland after the Battle of Bannockburn. Stirling Castle has a long history of royal residency and royal burials.

Cyndie kept talking about the Kelpies. She had seen something about them somewhere, but I had never heard of them. They turned out to be these sculptures (pictures are far better than words for this)….

We found them in a large park in Falkirk, south of Stirling. They are made of stainless steel and stand about 90 feet high. The artist built them in miniature, then enlarged each piece at an industrial plant before assembling them on-site. We didn’t stay, but they are lit at night.

Besides seeing giant horses, we finally managed to get a good view of the Highland Cow (heilan coo) everyone talks about. I think this one was looking at me when I took his picture, but a few seconds later he went back to eating. They are supposedly plentiful, and adapt especially well to the Highlands, but we’ve only seen them in a few places, and then usually far away.


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