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Two Exciting New Projects

The past week or so has been an interesting one. First, I got more involved in a project on Wikitree I’ve been skirting for quite a while as I was doing other things. I found a list of Magna Carta Surety Barons and recognized some names. A quick check of my database yielded at least five Barons on a list of 25 names who were privy to the historical document. On another list of 16¬† distinguished persons named in the Preamble, I also recognized some names, but haven’t done anything with them, yet. You can find what I currently have at: Magna Carta Surety Barons with more research yet to be done.

The second project fell into my lap this morning, also from Wikitree. A gentleman asked on the forum if he could create a category of profiles of people involved with the Salem Witch Trials. Having four of the witches in my maternal lines, here, as well as the English Governor who presided over the process, I continued reading. Someone responded that two categories had been created. One was for “Accused Witches in New England” and another was for “Salem Witch Trials.” Only two of my ancestors are listed on the “Accused” list, and none are listed on the “Salem” list, so now I have some work to do. It will have to wait until after Christmas, though.

I have also managed to work on my database a bit, and am now up to nearly 25,300 ancestors. It’s sad to say, but Wikitree is the largest online location to put information, but a lot is piecemeal. Ancestry, FamilySearch, MyHeritage, and a few others are larger, but not quite as easily updated and changed as Wikitree. It takes a fair amount of time, however, to find out what is displayed in the profiles on Wikitree, versus what is missing and needs to be added.


An Irish Christmas Festival — Wikitree Clean-up

Last weekend, we went to an Irish Christmas festival arranged by a wholesaler we’ve known for several years. He moved his store¬†( to a different location inside a merchandise mart since we had been there last. He gained a little bit of space, but ended up with a lot of glass with sliding glass doors along two walls of the shop.

The beer was good, the whiskey better, and then we got Mulligan Stew, to boot! A local step-dancing class performed, there was a short hurling demonstration, and then we heard new and old Christmas carols sung by a local group called Celtic Friends.

Had a good time, but KNOWING you’re Irish doesn’t hurt. Years ago, when I thought I was mostly German, I’m not sure it would have been as much fun. Over the past few years we’ve been exposing ourselves to Irish and Scottish culture a bit more, and it’s been enjoyable, to say the least.


Just today, I spent quite a bit of time updating some of my profiles in Wikitree. When I originally uploaded files in a GEDCOM, the first and middle names of dozens of people went into the Wikitree database on the same line. Then, when the profile displayed, it left what was basically an error message when it couldn’t post a standard middle name.

Everything looks a little better now, except that middle names turned into middle initials, or didn’t show up at all. The latter problem may be confusing when several people had the same first name and surname, with the only difference being the middle name. Time will tell if it makes any difference.