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Database Update Installed Today

Hello Everyone,

I just installed the latest update to my database ( I haven’t done any major updates on this site lately because I wasn’t happy with the software used to create a database of surnames any visitor could use when they came to the site. I’m not sure the software I’m using now will do what I want, but I’ll try it a while and see. In the long run, it’s as important for me to be able to use it away from my computer – such as on a Smartphone or another computer – as it is for a cousin to look at.

What software you ask? Well, it’s the Family Tree Heritage software; more specifically it’s the “create a website” feature. The other software I was using wasn’t bad, but it took way too long to upload to my Internet Provider, and always had some errors that had to be reloaded at least a second time. The new update took about five minutes to create the files, and about two minutes to upload. The latest size is 25,796 individuals andd 9077 marriages.

On the research front, I have remained busy, although I haven’t been posting updates here. I have created category links to all the German States now (, in addition to the links I had for the Bavaria and Rhineland-Palatinate Sub-Projects I was managing.

I have also adopted a number of other Scottish Clans ( in addition to the original seven. I think I’m up to about 16 Clans at this point. Each has information about the Clan, its history, and other useful information.

I have also spent some time researching U.S. Presidents. I found I was related in some way to almost every President who has served (, although I am somewhat embarrased to say I’m even a distant relation to some of the Presidents during my lifetime, including the current one.

Finally, I’m close to finding my oldest Irish ancestor in the McMahon line! James McMahon was born in Ireland around 1802 and came to the U.S. during the Potato Famine about 1848. I have two McMahons – a Patrick and a John – that both appear to be VERY likely candidates for James’ father. My research hasn’t gone far enough yet to firm one up and discard the other, but soon…..!