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German Projects on Wikitree Coming Along Well – Now I’m Working on Scots

Around the beginning of the year, I was just starting to manage a pair of projects on as part of their German Roots Project – One deals with the State of Bavaria – – and the second with Rhineland-Palatinate – – both areas where a good share of my German ancestors originated.

I have more ancestors from other areas of Germany, but there are no projects set up to deal with states other than Bavaria and the Palatinate. I have other things to work on at the moment, so will hold off on them a while.

What I am doing now, though, is also interesting. I am managing SEVEN (7) Scottish Clans for Wikitree – Bruce, Fleming, Gordon, Keith, Murray, Seton, and Sutherland – . After further research, I am now able to connect directly to Bruce, Gordon, Murray, and Seton – My wife is also a Murray (by name!), but also falls into the Keith and Sutherland Clan lines, as well.

Clan Fleming was a line I recently took over, but a lot of questions still remain. I THINK the progenitor of the Clan, Baldwin Fleming or Baldwin of Biggar, was a brother of Freskin de Moravia, progenitor of Gordon, Murray, Sutherland, and other Clans, but I haven’t been able to find definitive proof. Of the seven clans, I’m also not able to locate any direct relations to either me or my wife!

I’ve also discovered my wife and I are related – 13th cousins, 1 time removed. I don’t understand the “times” part very well, but the “cousin” part I get. It began when I found both of us descended from Freskin de Moravia. He is my 25th Great Grandfather, but my wife’s 27th GGF. Somehow, a couple extra generations sneaked in along the way.