Trip Diary – April/May 2017 – Day 43 – Aberdeen to Inverness

As I wrote yesterday, the name Gordon is big in these parts. Based out of Huntly Castle on the eastern Highlands, they ruled a vast area. George Gordon, 2nd Earl of Gordon, was known as the “Cock of the North” and has a song written about him. The Gordons were also the first family to be given the title Marquis. The inscription on the front of Huntly Castle denotes that fact.

Further down the road, we ran across Brodie Castle. Don’t know much about it, or the family now living in it.

Just outside of Inverness is Culloden Field, the site of another famous battle in Scotland’s history, although not one to be proudly discussed. The Scots who supported Bonnie Prince Charlie (Charles, son of King James II) were Jacobites (James in Gaelic) who fought in opposition to George, the English King from Germany, supported by other Scots. From what I know, the clans I’m related to were sympathizers of the Prince, and fought and died for him at the Battle of Culloden in April, 1746.

The two forces lined up in the huge field opposite each other. Noted by the blue flags for the Jacobites and the red flags for the British, they charged. Seriously outnumbered, over 700 Jacobites fell and died on the first charge. As the others tried to re-group, they were cut down in large numbers, as well. The Jacobite ranks broke and tried to escape, but the British had orders to kill every opponent, with some being caught and killed days after the battle. Others who died were civilians who had nothing to do with either side in the battle. Culloden became the last armed resistance between the Scots and the English.

Many clanmembers were buried in mass graves in the field. The owner of the property put markers on the graves in the late 1800’s to show the locations of known graves. Dead British soldiers were also buried in a large mass grave near the British lines.

On this day, as days before, the landscape was worth capturing in photos. Everything is in full bloom now, and promises a beautiful Summer for future visitors.





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