Trip Diary – April/May 2017 – Day 45 – Loch Ness & Inverness

Inverness is the gateway to the west of Scotland and the isles (Skye and the Hebrides), and also the north of Scotland and the isles (Orkneys and Shetlands). Loch Ness and its famous, although questionable, inhabitant, “Nessie”, is BIG business in Inverness. An exhibition center and mandatory gift shop tell the story of Nessie, but also introduce visitors to the real science taking place in the lake over the decades. A major study of Zooplankton and other minute sea creatures has prompted sonar studies of the lake itself, eventually mapping the entire lake to its full 700+ foot depth. Loch Ness was also the site of an ill-fated land speed record attempt, one of the few recreational uses ever made on the lake.


The only way to truly “see” Loch Ness is by ferry. Loch Ness is actually one of three lochs and a canal leading north to Inverness. A lighthouse that doesn’t look much like a lighthouse makes the end of the canal where the loch begins. The ruins of Urquhart Castle lies on the west shore of the loch at its midpoint.

You can’t go on the lake without wondering whether you’ll see Nessie or not. One possible solution to hundreds of sightings over the years is shown in the photo below. When two boats, in this case large ferries, cross paths on the loch, the wakes eventually intersect and form loops that could be mistaken for “humps” of a creature under the right conditions. On this day, however, Nessie was nowhere to be found.


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